Our team of mechanics does a comprehensive inspection to diagnose the faults associated with your vehicle. Right from any electrical or wiring issues, to leaks and faulty compressors. We conduct an in-depth research and present to you a report with all the issues and repairs/replacements requirement. Once we have you on board – we ensure your car is working in great condition and you can enjoy driving in all weather conditions.

Our Services

  • AC high & low-pressure hose leak
  • Evaporator leak
  • Faulty Compressor
  • Cooling issues in your vehicle
  • Compressor Tripping Issues
  • Faulty Condenser

Trusted Car AC Repair Services in Dubai

With a friendly environment and qualified automobile specialists – we promise you a smooth experience. Let Auto Care take care of your car A/C or heating system so that you can travel at a comfortable temperature.

Key Benefits:

  • Cool Air in your vehicle
  • AC filters which ensure clean air
  • Odor-free environment at all times

Auto Care was founded on the belief that you should have a real dealership alternative that is not incredibly expensive whilst still meeting and exceeding, the standards you expect.

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