First things first, Airbags help save lives. Airbags are usually installed in the dashboard, steering wheel or on the sides of the car’s interiors. In the event of a crash or any unusual activity, the air bags deploy themselves, reducing the impact on the driver and passengers.

Airbags have satellite sensors that activate in case of a severe frontal collision at speeds in excess of 24km/hr. It opens up into a thin nylon bag which provides you with protection from the hard parts of the vehicle.

You also need to understand that airbags don’t prevent all hurt from the crash, they reduce the impact that can happen because of a collision, so you might still get bruises and cuts, but that’s better than complete disorientation, which makes it a very important tool in your vehicle, so it must be checked at all times. Another important thing to note is that airbags don’t help if children are sitting in the front seat, so even if your baby is on a child seat, always place them on the back. The front airbags will only make the situation worse.

Now, have you checked if your airbag functions properly? If not, visit a car garage and check it now. If the airbag for some reason has been deployed once, you must be aware that it cannot work again, so you must get in changed by visiting a car repair store in Dubai. Airbags play a very crucial role in your safety, and given the wide roads and excessive speeds, it’s a mistake not getting your airbag checked.

Another thing you need to know is that airbags aren’t a replacement for seatbelts. Seatbelts hold you back in your seat, give the airbag space to deploy itself and help you against major injuries, so don’t make the mistake of ignoring the seatbelt.

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